All Trails Lead to Angle Inn Lodge

Oak Island is centrally located to provide plenty of snowmobiling action! We offer a lounge complete with on/off sale, satellite TV, dining room, bar & grill, and a fireplace to warm up.

Extend your season! Take advantage of Minnesota's longest season . . . clean, white snow from November through March helps you enjoy sledding through miles of wilderness trails, fully marked and groomed.A fantastic maze of groomed trails connect you from over 12,000 miles of trail in Minnesota to endless trails in Ontario and Manitoba . . . a variety of wide open lake trails winding through 14,000 plus islands to the hills and lakes of the North Country.

The newly installed phone-in system to Canada makes your sledding trip a Two-Nation Vacation!


Angle Inn Lodge • P.O.Box 11, Oak Island, MN 56741 • 218-223-8111 •
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